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Join Us on Facebook Live

Discover the appeal of online pearl parties

My name is Debbie, and I am the owner of Colorado Rocky Mountain Pearl Girls and started out by watching other independent consultants host pearl parties on Facebook Live. I submitted a video to become a consultant for Vantel Pearls and have been opening oysters and entertaining enthusiasts ever since.

When you're watching on Facebook, you can sound off in the comments as you and other viewers speculate about what the pearl will look like. You'll get to witness exciting reveals, like when we find two pearls in one oyster. We occasionally offer gifts on Facebook Live that our followers can win.

Follow us on Facebook today to experience all the big reveals.

What makes each pearl different?

We've been shucking oysters and uncovering pearls for several months now, and we still feel the excitement and wonder every time we crack open a new shell. Before long, you'll catch the pearl party bug, too.

Watch live as we present all kinds of pearls in a wide spectrum of colors. You could get:

  • White, indicating wisdom
  • Cream, indicating success
  • Peach, signifying health
  • Gold, signifying wealth
  • Lavender or pink, which indicate love
  • Black, indicating trust

Check us out today to watch your first pearl party online.