Make the World Your Oyster

Reward yourself with jewelry that can't be duplicated

No two pearls are alike. Colorado Rocky Mountain Pearl Girls presents you with a shimmering pearl that is uniquely yours. We'll set your pearl in beautiful silver and gold jewelry so you can show it off everywhere you go.

We are independent consultants for Vantel Pearls, an oyster-opening jewelry company that grants you the amazing opportunity of watching your pearl be plucked from its oyster shell. You get to share in the process of harvesting pearls, the only gemstones created by living creatures.


Get front row seats to the oyster-opening process

Vantel Pears are genuine freshwater cultured pearls. Our genuine pearls are cultivated by oyster farmers adhering to high quality and environmental standards. At online or home parties, Colorado Rocky Mountain Pearl Girls will open your oyster, revealing a beautiful gift from nature inside! 

Tuning in on Facebook Live lets you:

  • Join in the excitement as we reveal new pearls
  • Participate in a community of pearl enthusiasts
  • Chat with other people in the comments section
  • Discover pearls in a variety of stunning colors
  • Learn about the rare qualities our pearls possess
  • Enter to win free gifts and prizes

After one livestream, you'll be hooked. Log in today to join the fun.

Why purchase pearls from Colorado Rocky Mountain Pearl Girls?

During our Facebook Live events, we use every means to make the opening process personal and exciting. You'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what each pearl looks like. 

The pearls we offer are authentic. You never know what size or color of pearl you're going to get, but you do know one thing: it's going to be beautiful.

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